Novintethical constantly invests in Research and Development, focusing on innovative medical devices and new therapies. Primarily our research is developing on all products that cover the bowel surface with a protective film against bacteria and viruses but we are studying to develop new medical devices for treatment of vaginitis and vaginosis, or treatment of symptoms related to rhinorrhea and sinus congestion.
Our method of research and development is based on a well-defined strategy (planning, studies to demonstrate our idea, clinical trials , definition of regulatory information).Regulatory activity for the correct classification of products is our strong point.

We are very proud to invest nearly 30% of our turnover in Research and Development. This percentage is much higher than other Pharmaceutical Companies and is possible thanks to our very lean and specializedorganization. Our research and development programs are developed in collaboration with leading Public National Institute of Research and major European Universities.
Our projects are made in collaboration with the following institutions:
Department of Pharmacology of the University of Messina, Italy; Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA), Toulouse, France; Cebis International,  Romania, Consejo superior de Investigacione Scientificas, Madrid, Spain.

In the area of medical devices, Novintethical has developed products in the following therapeutic areas:


Medical Device intended to the treatment of meteorism, aerophagy and flatulent colics in children and adults.


Medical Device intended to restore intestinal function in patients with relapsing or chronic diarrhoea, due to alterations of  intestinal function, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrom (IBS), reduced efficiency of the bacterial flora (for instance after drug intake), subsequent to intestinal infections and intestinal hypersensitivity. It helps to prevent and relieve the associated symptoms, such as pain,  abdominal tension, diarrhoea, bloating and flatulence.

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Medical Device indicated for the symptomatic treatment of food maldigestion or intolerance contributing to reduce discomforts such as bloating, flatulence, abdominal pain.


Medical Device intended to restores the physiological functions of the gut wall and it is indicated for the treatment of diarrhea.

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Tasectan Duo

Restoring the physiological function of the intestinal wall as well as to prevent and alleviate the disbacteriosis of different nature and origin. Medical Devices intended to restore the physiological function of the intestinal wall as well as to prevent and alleviate dysbacteriosis of different nature and origin. The medical device contribute to restore the optimal gut conditions to promote growth of the endogenous intestinal flora this contributing to improve the natural defences of the organism.

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Specifically formulated to control and reduce the symptoms associated with diarrhea resulting from various causes, such as abdominal tension and frequent defecation.

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Utipro Plus

Medical Device intended for the control and prevention of urinary tract infections produced by pathogens such as E. Coli and other uropathogens commonly involved in the etiology of urinary infection.

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Gynaecological cream with barrier effect which regulates the physiological pH of the vagina, thus contributing to the restoration of optimal conditions for the recovery and proliferation of naturally-occurring lactobacilli, avoiding therefore the colonisation and overgrowth of pathogens like the Candida Albicans, Gardnerella and others which are the cause of the recidivant vaginitis or vaginosis.


Medical Device intended to restore the physiological functions of the nose epithelial mucosa forming a film that protects the mucosa from different pathogens and allergens. Rhinosectan is specifically formulated for the control and reduction of the symptoms related to rhinorrea and sinus congestion due to different aetiologies, such as rhinitis (seasonal, perennial allergic, infectious or vasomotor rhinitis), sinus congestion due to cold or flu; and as symptomatic relief associated to the treatment of nasal polyps and acute sinusitis.

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