Our story

Novintethical is a private and independent Company based in Lugano , Switzerland, engaged in the development and research of innovative medical device products and food supplements.

Our commitment to improve global healthcare is more than a goal, is our mission. With significant  studies and research, we developed TASECTAN, a medical device used to restores the physiological functions of the gut wall, indicated for the treatment of diarrhea.

In five years, TASECTAN become a well-known product, sold in 50 countries all over the world. A real success for Novintethical.
Our history shows not only how we grew, but also how we continue to move forward.
Despite the TASECTAN was our core business, we would like to continue our research in medical device for gastrointestinal problems and later diseases of the urinary tract.
Over the years, we dedicate a great deal of effort studying innovative strategies to develop new products.
In-vitro studies, in-vivo studies, clinical trial in humans and our commitment to the publication of documents on the safety and efficacy of our products, are a starting point for reviewing a project and to improve or develop a new product.

Today, we cover four fundamental therapeutic areas as: treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, treatment of UTI, treatment of vaginitis and vaginosis, or treatment of symptoms related to rhinorrhea and sinus congestion.

Our purpose

Novintethical oversees all the stages required to develop the products, from the idea to the registration.

Novintethical’sknow how, experience and knowledge allows to guarantee the compliance to the EU, USA and Canadian standards and requirements.
The medical devices developed by Novintethical are marketed in many countries, either directly, or through Ferrer Internacional and its affiliates.
Our next goal is access to US market and the development of new products for new disease.
Please, don’t hesitate to contact us in order to get more information regarding our products, project that is still being developed and markets where our products are present.

Our policy and mission

Through its Policy, the Top Management commits:

  • to guarantee the safety and performance of Novintethical’s products.
    The products are made in such a way that their use is very safe. Through a detailed risk management plan, all risks are identified, evaluated and reduced to an acceptable level without considering the economic profit;
  • to continuously improve production processes and products choosing the best available technologies;
  • to have access to qualified scientific resources for development, having professional partnership with clinical investigator, universities and international centers of research.

Our guiding principles/values

Novintethical is successful because of quality and effectiveness of its products and for the value and the principles that guide its activities.
We have always been committed to ensuring that our business activities never put profit before the health and safety of our patients.
Medical device industry are subordinated to a lot of rules and control. This level of regulation combined with the vision of Novinthethical to improve the quality of life of patients, resulting in the obligation to conduct our business according to the highest ethical standards, regulatory and legal.

In short, this is our guiding principles/value:



To provide evidence of its commitments, Novintethical use tools according to the international standards ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 which supplies a quality management system such as a shared planning of goals monitored at regular intervals, audits and management review, the execution of a feedback system, including the review of the experience in post-production phase.